At Malagash Bible Camp, we love to have fun on our fantastic beach. However, we understand the safety concerns associated with waterfront activities. Each year we have been diligent in finding oceanfront lifeguards with up-to-date training and experience. Our lifeguarding equipment includes a rescue board, back board, first aid kit, and rescue cans. 

In addition to our lifeguard staff, we have enforced precautionary measures for fun at the beach. We have selected a swimming area, marked with buoys, where we are certain there are no undertow currents and is a safe distance from the beach. Our cabin leaders are trained in first aid and are in the water with their campers to help maintain safety and supervision. Life jackets are available to campers who request them for swimming, and life jackets are mandatory for all boating/canoeing activities. Also for safety at the beach, we insist on the buddy system, so no person is alone in the water. Lastly, our staff reminds our campers to wear sunscreen and hats for those super sunny days. We also have extra sunscreen on hand at our trusty lifeguard watch stand.