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Malagash Bible Camp is a year-round retreat facility. We have been catering to church-based groups for over 40 years and are committed to meeting the needs of your group and providing outstanding service in all we do. With our 48 acres situated on the Northumberland Strait, Malagash Bible Camp offers an accessible and beautiful facility.

Malagash Bible Camp is also proud to offer several youth retreats as well as a women's retreat and Men's retreat.  Keep checking our website/calendar or events on Facebook for things like Snoblast which takes place in February, or the fall youth retreat which happens each November. During these retreats we have all the fun of summer camp packed into a weekend including great devotional times and in-depth chapel times. Keep checking our website or Facebook page for things like Snoblast (February), the fall youth retreat (November), our Stretch leadership retreat ( June) and our Young Adults Retreat (November).

Amenities available to our retreat groups include:

  • Meeting Room: Our lounge is situated in the main lodge and seats up to 100 people. Comfortable seating and a stone fireplace makes this a cozy and inviting meeting room.
  • Dining Hall: For our home-cooked meals, join us in our spacious dining hall overlooking the Northumberland Strait (seats 125).
  • Chapel: A short walk over the bridge brings you to our century-old Chapel with piano, sound system and seating for 125 people.
  • Accommodations: In the main lodge, we offer a two-bedroom apartment, and two dorm rooms with 15 beds each. Located near the woods are two larger cabins (10 guests each) and four family units for 5-7 guests each. There is a separate cabin for your speaker in a quiet area of the  grounds. Six other cabins will accommodate 10 guests each. Sites for tenting and trailers are also available.
  • Projector: We offer a high definition projector as well as the use of portable screens for a cost of $50.
  • Sound System: We offer a portable sound system and music equipment which consist of the following: 16 channel mixing board with effects and monitor mixes. 16 channel snake. 2 main cabs (500watts each). 800 watt sub woofer. Two 300 watt monitors. Two cordless mics. 4 vocal mics. One Yamaha Clavichord full sized electric piano, and one upright acoustic piano.


To book your retreat:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone 902.257.2838