Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I need to bring to camp?

A: Please label belongings – water bottle, t-shirts, shorts (no "short shorts"), t-shirts (no spaghetti straps, strapless, or shirts that show midriff/cleavage), long sleeved shirts, sweater, pants, socks, jacket, rain gear, sneakers, bible, notebook, pen/pencil, hat, sunscreen, one piece modest bathing suit (no bikinis/tankinis or speedos), spandex and leggings are acceptable if they are covered by a shirt where your shorts would normally cover. Also don't forget your insect repellent, sleeping bag/pillow, towel/facecloth, toothbrush/paste, flashlight, a positive attitude, respect, good appetite!

WHAT NOT TO BRING: electronics, game players, communication/entertainment devices (cell phones, iPads, etc.,) knives, magazines, trading cards, valuable items.

Q: What do I do with my child’s medications?

A: We have camp nurses who will administer your child’s medication. ALL medications (even over-the-counter and vitamins/supplements) must be given to the camp nurse during registration. This is for all campers’ safety and to avoid mistaken dosages and errors. Medications must be in their original labeled containers or sealed in blister packs from a pharmacy. These will all be returned at the end of camp.


Q: Is my child guaranteed to be placed with his/her requested room mate?

A: Though we cannot guarantee 100%, in the past it has not been a problem.


Q: Can my child attend camp even if we do not go to a church?

A: Of Course! Approximately 50% of our campers are not affiliated with a church. Our staff and speakers are well aware and equipped to minister to children of all backgrounds. We encourage campers to bring their friends for a life-changing experience.


Q: How much money does my child need for tuck (canteen)?

A: The recommendation is $10-$20 for a week-long camp and $5-$10 for a mini camp.  Besides treats to snack on, there are other items for purchase (i.e. sweaters, t-shirts, bracelets, etc.).


Q: What does the camp have for first aid?

A: In addition to our cabin leaders trained in first aid, each camp week we have a registered nurse on site. This volunteer's only responsibly is to administer first aid when necessary and to administer campers' medication. All over-the-counter medication is given only with consent of guardians (see registration form) and is well documented. In the event of a medical emergency, there is a staff and insured vehicle available so that the camper can be transported to our local hospital located only 15 kilometres away.


Q: What about homesickness while at camp?

A: Our camp schedules are designed to keep campers busy and engaged all day to help avoid homesickness. The staff are well trained to deal with homesickness and rarely is there a camper sent home due to being homesick. (Usually, it’s parents who become ‘child-sick’!)


Q: What time do I pick-up and drop-off my child to and from camp?

A: For all camps except Beginners Camp, registration is from 4-5pm on the first day of camp. On the last day we end our program early in the evening with a BBQ supper and ask that you pick your child up by 5:30pm. For Beginners Camp, drop off is 11am on the first day, and pick up is at 12:30pm on the last day.


Q: Can I call my child while at camp to see how he/she is doing?

A: We do not encourage phone calls to campers while at camp unless it is an urgent matter. This is to avoid interrupting the camp program, homesickness, and a large volume of phone calls. We do, however, suggest parents send the campers an encouraging note in the mail or e-mail throughout the week: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Q: What does a typical day look like?

A: From sunrise to sunset, the MBC experience is one that your child will not soon forget. Following breakfast we join together in interactive worship, drama and teaching with one of our special speakers. Daily electives such as canoeing, archery, drama, sports, or arts and crafts conclude the morning. After lunch, campers spend quality time with their bunk mates and cabin leaders, followed by group games, interest sessions, beach time and free time. Our Tuck Shop offers delicious ice cream and snacks during the afternoons. The day concludes with evening chapel, an evening activity and snack.


Q: Is there a lifeguard at the beach?

A: At Malagash Bible Camp, we love to have fun on our fantastic beach. However, we understand the safety concerns associated with waterfront activities. Each year we have been diligent in finding oceanfront lifeguards with up-to-date training and experience. Our lifeguarding equipment includes a rescue board, back board, first aid kit, and rescue cans.

In addition to our lifeguard staff, we have enforced precautionary measures for fun at the beach. We have selected a swimming area, marked with buoys, where we are certain there are no undertow currents and is a safe distance from the beach. Our cabin leaders are trained in first aid and are in the water with their campers to help maintain safety and supervision. Life jackets are available to campers who request them for swimming, and life jackets are mandatory for all boating/canoeing activities. Also for safety at the beach, we insist on the buddy system, so no person is alone in the water.

Q: What about sun safety?

A: Our staff remind campers to wear sunscreen and hats on sunny days. We also have extra sunscreen on hand at the lifeguard stand for those who may need to re-apply at the beach.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a question not addressed on this page. Call 902-257-2838 or e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.